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Grievance Redressal @NOBLE

The College has an effective and objective multi-tier Grievance Redressal Mechanism, consisting of several forums and committees, that focuses on careful and sensitive handling of student grievances. The following committees/cells/units are duly constituted for resolution of various types of grievances:

A. Academic and Curricular Issues 

a. Matters pertaining to Admissions: Admission Grievance Committee

b. Matters pertaining to Teaching-Learning: Teacher-In-Charges of respective Departments 

c. Matters pertaining to Internal Assessment: Internal Assessment Committee

B. Non-Academic Issues

a. Matters pertaining to general discipline: Discipline Committee 

b. Matters pertaining to discrimination: Equal Opportunity Cell 

c. Matters pertaining to infrastructure: Administrative Office 

d. Matters pertaining to sexual harassment: Internal Complaints Committee 

e. Matters pertaining to ragging: Anti-Ragging Committee and Anti-Ragging Cell 

C. Grievances related to Fee Payments or Accounts

a. Matters pertaining to discrepancies in fee dues

b. Matters pertaining to any accounts related issue.

D. General Grievances

For any other grievances not categorized above: Students Grievance Redressal Committee

Students may register their grievances through the following channels

Rest Assured! Your Grievance is submitted and will to taken care at the earliest.

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